Rolling Project Pan: Update 10

Holy guacamole, Fangirls! We’ve made it through almost 20 weeks of Project Panning, and I feel like my collection is (slightly) more refined because of it. I’m working through shadows, soaps, and bath bombs, and I’ve been really good about not buying more. My bank account is grateful, and I’m excited about the empties taking up space instead of new products. So lets dive right in!

First of all, we knew it was coming: Julep is done! I finished off my Julep lipstick literally the day after my last update was posted, and I rolled in this super cute balm from Tony Moly. I bought it ages ago at Riley Rose, but I’ve barely used it. I can’t say that any more!

Next is my chocolate soleil bronzer, and it isn’t moving! I use this daily as an eyeshadow and brow powder, but I feel like the Pan is barely growing. I know that everyone says blush and bronzers take forever, and they aren’t kidding! I feel like this is going to be with me for the entire year!

This mascara is great. You can’t see it, but I’m making my way through this. I’m still surprised by how much I enjoy it, and I’m proud of myself for working on it exclusively!

I use this every time I put on make up (which is common, for my Project Pan cosmetics), but I feel like you can’t see the dip. It’s there, but it isn’t moving all that fast. I know that my dip has to be pretty close to the pan, but we haven’t hit it yet.

These babies have some progress! The blotting stick broke off and fell on the floor, so I won’t take credit for using it up, but I’ve been using the liquid pure filler quite often. I bet there’s one use left after today!

This doesn’t feel dry at all yet, and that’s awesome! I love this liner, and think it’s a great drugstore alternative to Kat Von D’s tattoo liner. It’s good stuff. 

I feel like a champion, working through my soaps. I finished another! I got through the Berry Berry Christmas solid shower gel from lush, and now I’m working on the Rose Jam solid shower gel. I love this so much; there’s going to be a full review of it this Sunday! 

Still loving this, still barely any visible progress. I only have to sharpen this once every other week, so it isn’t going anywhere fast. I’m glad that it’s a product that lasts. 

I’ve been trying to use this both in the morning and at night. It barely shows, since I don’t need much, but I think it’s getting there. 

I use this often as an all over face powder, and it works really well. I’ve been powering through it since making that discovery, and I feel like it will be gone by the end of summer!

99% of this is air bubble. I think I have one or two uses left in it, and then it will be totally empty! I do have a full size of the same product going in when it’s empty, so we’ll see. This little version has lasted me quite some time, so I think that’s great!

I’ve been trying to focus on this, and it hasn’t been crazy successful. Since being injured, the bottom of my left foot has been super dry and gross. I started putting lotion on it, and that helped (obviously). So I’m trying to focus on moisturizing at least areas with scars; moisture should help to lighten them up. 

Every day, I use this on my lids. It’s just the edges now, which is exciting, but it has been that way for awhile. I don’t feel like progress is all that visible, but I think I’ll be breaking the ring soon, and I have a feeling it will be easier after that. 

I have progress on these! Since finishing up my Julep lipstick, I’ve been focusing on these Lippie Sticks during the day. It shows! I’ve been using the more nude color during the work week, and the red on the weekends, and I think that’s working out pretty darn well for me.

I haven’t used these bad boys recently. I need to practice what I preach often, specifically with the reminder that we need moisture no matter what time of year it is. I’m going to be focusing a bit more on these in the upcoming weeks. 

I don’t like this. This is a very sparkly highlighter, that feels a bit more like face glitter than anything else. I think it would be better suited for festivals than daily use, so I only use it on the weekends. 

I don’t use this often. I think I find it more difficult to do pampering things in the heat, because the temperature is so oppressive. But I did make a little sample for my friend, and I thought that was better than throwing any of this out. I’m going to try to mask more these upcoming weeks. 

I feel like there is a little bit of visible progress here, and I’m glad! My nails are always painted, and I’ve been sticking with this shade. It’s on my fingers and toes now, and I’ll be reapplying tonight. 


I feel like these are getting more and more brief, but (to me) it makes sense. I don’t need to give you a full review of a product I’ve been using for ages, right? If my feelings haven’t changed, I don’t see a reason to go into it. If you disagree, let me know, and I’ll work on being more detailed. I hope you all have a pan-tastic start to your week!














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