The Merciless I by Danielle Vega

Fangirls, I bought this book on one of my many book binges. I picked it up because it looked like my aesthetic; pink but witchy. The third book is actually what caught my eye, it has a holographic cover! But I figured I would start with just the first book. 

Before you hit that read more tab, you need to know that there is strong language after it, and this book has a mature readers warning for a reason. Let’s get into it. 

The Merciless takes place over less than one week. The new girl in school, Sofia, makes some powerful friends on her first day. She also meets Brooklyn, a goth-ish girl with a punk attitude. The powerful girls are bible thumpers to the highest degree, and are sick of Brooklyn’s antics. When they find out one final bit of info on her, they make their move. 

These girls plan to exorcise Brooklyn, and are willing to go as far as they need to to cleanse her. It goes from Mean Girls, to Craft, to Misery with a serious quickness. I read this in just one day, because while there is some vile shit going on, it’s compelling as heck and I needed to know what happened. 

I think you need to have a stomach for torture if you’re going to read this. It’s just under 300 pages, but I needed nothing as much as I needed to finish it. While I’m not going to rush to get the sequels immediately, you can bet your butt that I’ll be picking them up soon. 

If you’re up for violence, hell on earth, and a little bit of punk rock, you may want to check out The Merciless I. It’s filled with violence and gore, but it is so far beyond compelling that it blew my mind. 













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