Rolling Project Pan: Update 11

Here we go again, with Project Pan! Are you all enjoying these? I get a real sense of accomplishment when I have visible changes, or any products that I finish.

This lip balm is phenomenal, but I don’t use it too much. I’ve been trying to use it at least once at night and once in the morning, so I know I’m using it daily, and it’s making a silly middle dent in it. I’ll have to change the way I use it so it doesn’t break!

This bronzer is great, and since I’m concentrating my brush on the edge of the area that I’ve already hit pan on, I think there is some movement! It blows my mind that this is only a sample, and I know it’s going to take longer than the year to get through it. I’m glad I don’t tend to buy blush or highlighter, because this takes forever.

As per usual, this mascara is going strong. I’m glad I’m liking it so much, but I’m wondering how long it will last? My last mascara felt like it lasted forever, but that was a full tube. I’m curious about whether or not this one will get clumpy soon.

I feel like this Amaretto dip is starting to become more visible, but it’s hard to tell. I really like using this, and I’m glad the pan it comes in is so full, but it blows my mind how long it’s lasting. I remember, before I hit pan on White Chocolate, it was the same way. I’m glad that Two Faced makes cosmetics that last, and pans that make it worth your money.


Goodbye, Porefessional! I finished the liquid up pretty quickly after the last update, and I am glad. As much as I can appreciate what these do, they are very much not for me. I don’t like how thick this stuff feels on my face. I will be rolling in this travel sized hand sanitizer to take over for them. I know it’s nothing like Porefessional, but it needs to be used!

I think my eyeliner is beginning to go. I’ve been needing to use two coats to get full coverage recently, and that is definitely not the way things were going at the start. I’ll be using it to the last drop, of course, but it’s interesting to see how long it has lasted.

Rose Jam’s solid shower gel is slip sliding away. I’ve really been enjoying this; it makes my whole bathroom smell like a sweet wine, even when it’s not in use! I’m really glad that I picked this up, and I do recommend all Rose Jam products.

I feel a bit silly taking pictures of this brow pencil every time, because it barely changes! I usually only sharpen it every other week, so it doesn’t look all that different. But this is a staple in my daily routine; even if I’m not wearing much makeup, I use this.

I think I have less than a week left of this. I’ve been really focusing on this eye cream, and I think it’s helping my face! I’m glad I’ve gotten it together enough to remember to use it, but once it’s gone, I’ll be out of nighttime moisturizer. I’ll have to buy one for myself! Crazy, right?

White Chocolate really does move. Now that I’ve hit pan, I feel like progress is visible even daily! I’m still a very big fan of this, and I’m glad that I started using it.

This sample tube of Acure is gone, and it’s replacement is just a bigger tube! I’m in no hurry to get through this, but I am using it every other day (you don’t want to over exfoliate). I think this is a full size product that feels a bit different than the sample, but it isn’t terrible. I’m just a couple uses in and I have no complaints.

I mentioned before that this lotion isn’t going to go anywhere fast, now that summer really is heating up. I use it on my knees, and sometimes feet, but that’s it. I’ll be happy if I can finish this by the end of the year, at this point.

I scraped up the edges of this eyeshadow, because I was having issues getting it onto my brush. Since I don’t know how to properly stamp it in, it’s kind of just sitting in the pan. But it still works! I’m hoping I’ll finish this up by the next update, but I can’t make any promises.

There is some change in these lipsticks, especially the pale pink! I bring this to work with me every day, because I love how simple a nude it is. I haven’t used the red quite as much (because I use it more on weekends), but I think there’s some progress there as well!

Nothing has changed with the sheet masks! You’ll see why shortly, though.

Oops, I haven’t used this. I’m not a fan of it, and maybe it’ll be a good eyeshadow, but it’s currently not being used.

Alright, I’m so proud of this; my clay mask is gone! I worked my way through it! I have been having some pretty serious sleep issues, so my doctor recommended that I make my pre-bedtime routine longer. For me, that means putting on my clay mask, soaking my feet, and reading…every night! So, my mask finally got the love it needed, and I think my face is grateful. I really ended up enjoying this, and I’m glad I gave it some love. I’ll be replacing it with the I Dew Care mask. I like this one as well, and it has some great ingredients that make my face feel good. It’s definitely a more loose formula, I hope it will continue the results from he black mud mask!

This nail polish hasn’t moved all that much, but I guess that’s understandable. I paint my nails at least once a week, but that doesn’t take a ton of polish. Plus, I don’t always paint my toenails. I’m still loving it; there’s no issue with the polish at all. Its just a product that’s going to take me a long time to get through.


Well, that’s all, y’all. I really am proud of all the progress I’ve made in these past couple of weeks, and I’m glad I’m working my way through some products. I’m grateful that I found Panning, as it makes me feel like my collection can finally be put to it’s full use!













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