Planet Grief by Monique Polak

I got an ARC of Planet Grief last week, and started reading it immediately. I wasn’t sure if it would be right for me, but it took me just a couple short sittings to get through, but I think I learned a lot. 

Planet Grief is told from two sides, Abby and Christopher. Both have lost a parent and are forced to go to a grief retreat. Neither of them wants to go, and they both fight the whole experience. It’s difficult to address grief, and by the end, both Abby and Christopher (along with their co-retreaters) learn that it’s okay not to be okay. 

This book was written by Polak for the Montreal Gazette, so it’s a relatively short story (just under 200 pages). But she worked with people who run an actual grief retreat to learn about the way these retreats go, and how grief can affect young adults and teens so differently. As someone who doesn’t deal well with death, I really appreciated the information and the reality of this book. While it isn’t necessarily a fun read, it’s a great story with realistic characters. 

This isn’t just an informative book; there is a phenomenal plot, that made me care about characters far more than I expected to.

I really enjoyed reading this book, and I’m proud to have it on my shelf. Planet Grief comes out September 4th, and it’s worth picking up. You can preorder your copy on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Target. 













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