Hotel Transylvania 3

I know Hotel Transylvania movies re for kids. I know I’m 25 years old and still living for animated movies. And I know everyone is watching Infinity War. But I loved Hotel Transylvania 3.

Hotel Transylvania 3 stars all of the faves from the last two movies; Drac, Mavis, Frankenstein, Jonathan, Wayne, Griffin, and Murray. At the beginning, Mavis realizes her father is exhausted and sad; he misses his wife, and is overwhelmed by work for the hotel. So when Mavis hears about a monsters only cruise, she books it for the whole gang, and surprises them with it.

At first, Dracula is mad. But when he realizes that he has a crush on Ericka (the captain and only human on board), his mind changes a bit.But Ericka has some problems with this family. She’s the great great granddaughter of Abraham Von Helsing, a monster hunter who was defeated repeatedly by Dracula and his crew.

This movie is adorable, and full of inside jokes that the adults in the theater will enjoy. It’s a beautiful film (shouts to all of the amazing animators out there, these colors and movements were phenomenal), and I really had a great time watching it.

If you’re interested, you can find out a bit more here. I hope you get some time to check it out!













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