The Merciless II by Danielle Vega

“I love you Sofia. But you’re evil.”

Fangirls, we know just how quickly I devoured book I of The Merciless, and I’d like you to know that I ate through II just as quickly. Since this is a sequel, there are Book I spoilers. Also, this is violent, so don’t read it if you don’t deal well with that. 

At the end of Book I, all of Sofia Flores’ friends are dead. They’ve either killed themselves, or been killed by Brooklyn. Brooklyn tells Sofia that demons don’t kill their own, before disappearing. 

Since then, Sofia has been in therapy, trying to accept that things didn’t go the way she remembers them, and that nothing is her fault. She’s also learning the important skill of coping with a panic attack, which is illustrated really well in this (thank you, Danielle Vega). 

One night, coming home from work and picking up takeout, Sofia’s mom is in a car crash and is killed. Since she didn’t have a plan in place for Sofia, they go off of the Grandmother’s will. Sofia will be placed in a catholic school. Quick reminder; Sofia is very sure that she’s a demon. 

At school, things aren’t going right. Sofia is having nightmares about Brooklyn, sees her roommates as her now-dead friends, and starts to fall for a guy. Jude is becoming quite devout; so much so, that he has something he wants to try on Sofia. 

As the back cover of this book only says “The Exorcism of Sofia Flores,” I think you know what Jude’s up to. But how we get to that point, and what comes of it, are up for you to read about. Book II was absolutely phenomenal, and I’m glad I have III and IV to read right after. These books have been a wild ride, and though they’re more horror oriented than I usually read, I can’t get enough of them. 

Let me know what you’re reading, Fangirls! What’s next from your TBR?

















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