Now Listening: Mean Girls the Musical

I love nothing more than a good musical. You know this, I know this, and everyone who knows me know this. I’ve been hearing about Mean Girls the musical for quite some time, but the music was finally released on Spotify, and I’ve been able to take it in as a whole.

This music is absolutely phenomenal. I can not handle just how great Mean Girls is; the musical is so easy to listen to because it’s such a notable movie. I’m glad Tina Fey wrote the book on this, just as she wrote the movie. If you’re not familiar with the plot, lets get into it.

Cady Heron is the new girl in town, and it’s a whole new savannah. She finds a couple good friends, but soon the three most popular girls in school grab her and take her under their wings. But when Regina George, Head Plastic, makes out with Cady’s crush, things change. Lady wants revenge, and enlists the help of her true friends (Janice and Damien) to take down the Plastics. But once Regina is gone, Cady takes over, and turns just as rotten as Regina was.

The musical seems to follow this plot to a t, and I love it! My favorite jams are I’d Rather Be Me, Revenge Party, and Apex Predator. They’re all phenomenal bops, and I listen to them when work is especially tedious. If you’re looking for fun jams and incredible singing, then you need to check out Mean Girls the Musical. You can listen to the whole thing on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube.


Bonus: the woman who plays Janice is the same woman who played Veronica in Heathers the Musical. What’s not to be loved?












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