Teen Titans GO! To The Movies

I know that Teen Titans GO! is a pretty divisive subject, but I’m someone who loves it. I have no beef with the cartoon from when I was younger, but this dumb, fun show is directly up my alley. So when they came to the big screen this summer, you can bet your butt I got tickets!

TTG To The Movies is about the titans wanting a movie deal. They are upset that they’re never taken seriously, so they work to get a villain (Slade). Even he doesn’t take them seriously! Eventually, they get a movie, but it is kind of a solo gig for our favorite bird wonder.
Regrettably, the titans split up. Will they come back together? Will they maybe group up for some serious butt kicking at the end? You’ll have to visit th movie theater to find out!
I wasn’t having the best day (mentally) when we went to see this, and the movie had me smiling and laughing the whole time. It was an absolute blast; full of references and jokes for adults. Clocking in under an hour and a half, this is a great movie to fill up some in-between time when you’re out and about. I would recommend going to an early showing, though, so you can maybe save a bit of money.
Not everyone is into Teen Titans GO! and that’s okay. It’s great to have different views on shows and movies. I genuinely had a great time at the movies with the Teen Titans, and I think most other folks would too.
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