Danielle Nicole Handbags

I am not usually one for fancy purses, but I’ve been investing in a couple statement pieces here and there. Back in July, Danielle Nicole had a great sale going, so I grabbed myself my two favorite bags from the collections that were out, and went on my merry way.

I picked up a beautiful Slytherin clutch, and a tiny Kakamora cross body purse. I was really excited about them, because they’re beyond adorable, and my favorite statement purse is getting to be on it’s last legs. So I’m integrating these into my wardrobe and loving it.

I think that both of these bags are beautiful additions to themed outfits or Disneybounds, because they’re cute and well designed. I love that the Slytherin clutch is a nice clutch, but only says Slytherin on the wrist strap; there’s just a snake. I think this makes it more versatile, because it’s easier to dress up. Wearing a green dress out to a dinner occasion? This bag has you covered. And for anyone doubting the “true Slytherin-ness” of this clutch, the zipper pull is the Hogwarts crest.


I’ve been wearing my Kakamora purse with a cute Moana romper from Her Universe x Torrid. I think the romper is busy, but not over the top Moana, which makes the purse absolutely perfect. I don’t tend to wear many browns, so this maybe wasn’t the most logical purchase, but I couldn’t say no to it.

I’m over thermion for both of these purses, and almost all of Danielle Nicole’s handbags. The designs are all so adorable, they make great statement pieces, are branded with the companies they’re themed around, and are just a good investment. I recommend signing up for emails, so you can see when there’s a good sale (like I did), and get some less expensive bags (plus there is a sale section on the website with older designs).













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