The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins

Last September, my incredible friend Nicole recommended I listen to the Adventure Zone podcast. I knew nothing of Dungeons and Dragons, nor did I really want to. But two episodes in, and I was swept away. 

Fast forward to now, when the McElroy’s have not only completed the first season of TAZ, but they’ve also made it into a book! Working with artist Carey Pietsch, they’ve turned the first campaign into an actual graphic novel. I don’t want to talk about plot all that much, so just know it’s a Dungeons and Dragons campaign titled Here There Be Gerblins. 

The main thing that blew me away beyond all else, was how dang good a job this team did of translating the podcast into a graphic novel. It’s a statement to the storytelling abilities of the McElroys, and Pietsch’s attention to detail just how much everything looked exactly as I imagined it. 

Some character names are changed, but oh my goodness it is perfect. I genuinely can’t wait for the rest of the campaigns to come out. It was just so dang perfect, I can’t get over it!

If you have yet to listen to the podcast, I suggest you check those out first. Listeners hear a lot of dice rolling and numbers, but those are mostly foregone in the GN. I think the podcast puts it in perspective a lot more in that way. If you’ve listened to the podcast but not picked up the book, you can order it on Amazon, Target, or Barnes and Noble (and I highly suggest you do so). 














All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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