The Merciless III by Danielle Vega

“There’s no turning back now. The devil has your soul.” 

Friends and Fangirls I’m back at it with these Merciless books! Book III is a prequel; Origins of Evil takes place before Sofia ever moves to Friend, Mississippi. Guess who it stars?

Our gal Brooklyn is a bit of a punk, doing her own thing. When she hits it off with the pastor’s son at a Battle of the Bands, she learns a lot about will, both good and bad. She also learns about the pastor, and makes some decisions that end rather poorly. 

This book is a phenomenal thriller, and a great addition to the Merciless series. I didn’t think I would like it (I’m usually not much of a prequel fan), but I loved it! I found it really interesting to see the way things played out, and how Brooklyn came to be as we know her. 

If you’re interested in the Merciless books, you may want to read his one first. Danielle Vega, the author, has said that you can read this first (then the other three), read them numerically, or save book III for last, and it’ll be good any way. I haven’t read book IV yet, so I can’t guarantee all of that, but I wouldn’t have been upset if I read this first. Plus, that’s appropriate, because book III was the cover that made me buy book I. 

There is still a lot of violence in this book, as with the others. There is abuse and death, and sometimes that’s difficult to deal with. If you’re ok reading that type of thing, then settle in with a copy of Merciless III and get ready for a show!













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