Now Listening: Off Book

Off Book is a podcast that my boyfriend recommended to me several times. I am not great at taking recommendations, so I didn’t listen to him. But two weeks ago we were headed on an hour long drive, and he told me that he downloaded the first episode for us to listen to. Begrudgingly, I agreed.

I am so darn glad I did, because Off Book is hilarious. It’s something I never thought I’d be able to witness; an improvised musical. Every episode, Jessica McKenna and Zach Reino are joined by another comedian, and together they craft an entire hour and a half musical. Everything is made up on the spot, most of the songs don’t have perfect rhymes, and it’s all pure gold.

This podcast is perfect for folks like me; I love both comedy and musicals, and above all else, I love parody. I feel like Off Book hits all three nails on the head, and absolute kills it. The discography / back log is so vast that I have no trouble listening to it for work days on end.

I listen through Spotify, but it’s an Earwolf podcast, which can be listened to anywhere podcasts are spread. I believe Stitcher Premium is how to get all of the episodes (3 through 24 are missing on Spotify), but if you aren’t 100% sure about it, check spotify first. It makes road trips more bearable, work enjoyable, and everything just a bit more funny. Beware, though; if you’re listening somewhere you shouldn’t be laughing aloud, you may have some issues. Happy listening!












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