Oxford Street Soap from Lush

I like taking a week between bath product reviews, because it gives me time to use the products a bit more, and really see how I like them over a longer time. That being said, I knew I loved Oxford Street Soap the first time I used it.

If you’ve been into Lush more than once, you know it has a particular scent. It smells like all of the products mingling together and coming over you, but not in an overwhelming way. It’s what you smell when you’re just down the hall from Lush at a mall, or near a larger store. They’ve made that scent into a soap, and it’s only sold at the Lush on Oxford Street in London.

When I smelled this soap in the store, I wasn’t super blown away by it. But almost a year after my trip, and I can’t handle how perfect it is. I think since I was in the store, the soap just didn’t smell impressive. It smelled like everything around me. But at home, having been in Lush once in 2018, this smells intoxicating. I’ve been using it daily in my shower, and when the water hits it, I feel like I’m back in London.

Part of this soap’s appeal is the memories attached to it. I bought this with my mum, in London, on an incredibly adventurous trip. But also, it’s a really good soap. It smells delightful, and it also is a treat for my skin! I feel softer every time I use it, I smell great, and I feel better mentally.

Since this is such an exclusive soap, it’s a bit hard to get. But if you’re in the area, I highly suggest picking up a brick of it. I’ll be sad when this one’s gone, but I’m enjoying it while I have it!












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