Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

I bought this book on cover alone, and I’m not sorry about it. Three Dark Crowns is an incredible novel that I tore through, and it left me hungry for more. 

Three Dark Crowns brings readers to a strange island, where a Queen only rules until she gives birth to her triplets. The triplets are separated after a few years, depending on their gifts. And when they turn 16, two will die. 

In this generation of queens, there is a poisoner, a naturalist, and an elementalist. The poisoner and naturalist do not seem to show much strength in their gift, try as they might, but the elementalist is incredibly strong, and is thought to be the one to dethrone the poisoners. 

This books takes us through the sights of each queen, and how they live. We see Katharine, the poisoner, trying to better her gift and failing. Mirabella, the elementalist, can blow down houses if she’s in enough of a mood, but the third sister, Arsinoe (the naturalist) can not help a flower bloom, much less find a familiar. Each of them goes through different training, as they have to show off their gifts before killing their siblings, and it really is quite interesting to see these different houses and their customs. 

I absolutely adored reading Three Dark Crowns. It ended almost exactly how I thought it would, and had me grinning ear to ear. There are some heart wrenching parts as well, so please don’t go in expecting a happy ending. 

I am so excited to read One Dark Throne, the sequel. I’m actually quite glad that I already have it, and can start reading immediately. I think this first book felt a bit like Harry Potter for me (which is saying a lot), because it made me want to see which gift I would have. I like to think that I would be either a naturalist or a poisoner. I love the aesthetic of the poisoners, but naturalists have familiars, and that’s hard to beat (but poisoners often have snakes, so that’s still a priority). 

I can’t get over how much I enjoyed this book! If you’re a fan of adventure and mild magic, I think you should check it out. Plus it features several strong females, so that’s always a win for me. Happy reading!













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