Working Nerdery

I wear a lot of nerd stuff, all the time. But because I’m someone with a 9-5 office job, I can’t always wear whatever I want; I have to dress it up a bit. So, two weeks ago I decided to wear something nerdy to work every day, and see if it made anything weird. Guess what Fangirls? It didn’t. We live in an age where nerdy clothing is accessible and common enough that we can wear it to the workplace! Here are some of the ways I dressed up my nerd wear.

I wore several button downs this work week, because they’re a professional cut, but they’ve got cute nerdy patterns. Above, is a Harry Potter men’s button down from Target (regrettably women still have to get a good amount of nerd clothes from the men’s section, which is lame! Also lame; I can’t find this shirt on their site, but they do have a pretty good collection of HP apparel). This has a pattern of wands, lightening bolts, Harry’s glasses, tiny Hedwigs, and other magical motive. I paired it with some olive green pants from Torrid, and felt great at work.

Below is another button down, this one has bulbasaurs all over it! This shirt is from Kohl’s (again, in the men’s section, and again, impossible to find online? Luckily, JC Penney has a Pikachu one.). If you’re a lady buying from the men’s section, you may need to buy a size larger than you expect; though their shirts are typically larger, they don’t account for chest and hips the way ours do. So try on stuff before you buy it. I tucked this shirt into a hand made circle skirt, because circle skirts are fantastically cute.

Another skirt, but this time with a Bulma shirt! I think a-line and wiggle skirts are perfect for dressing up t-shirts. This isn’t a shirt that I would wear with jeans at work, but when I pair it with a cute, office-looking skirt, I feel like I belong in an office setting. The shirt is from Hot Topic (I couldn’t find it on HT anymore, but there’s a similar one at Box Lunch), and the skirt is from H&M ages ago. I highly suggest that you find a wiggle skirt that fits you well at some point in your life; this baby gives me crazy confidence!

I used a similar idea below, with a wiggle dress under a Slytherin cropped sweater. Again, crop tops aren’t usually work appropriate, but when you wear them over a skirt, it just looks like you have a high waisted skirt on! Plus, wiggle skirts and dresses work wonders for the booty.


I’m lucky in that I have a pretty casual workplace. People show up in leggings all the time, and it usually isn’t the end of the world. But I chose the week I did for this experiment, because I knew we had a meeting with one of the company’s big wigs, and I had meetings with my boss a couple times that week. I honestly feel like I got more compliments on my attire this eek than usual, and that’s probably because I was wearing something fun.

One of the other writers here at FAW, Amanda, doesn’t tend to wear nerdy clothing to work, but she has a D20 bag that she uses daily. It’s subtle, but when someone notices it, and is into it, it’s great!

I feel this way about pins as well; I think they’re a great, subtle addition to any workplace look. And when people see one that they like, it’s worth commenting on!

I think fashion is a great conversation starter. Whether you’re at work our out for fun, adding some nerdery to your wardrobe is always a fun choice. Feel free to send me photos of how you add nerdiness to your everyday looks!













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