Powerpuff Girls: Second Chances

I picked up this trade while at Free Comic Book Day for a couple reasons; I could use more PPG in my life, I love comics, and my favorite girl Sedusa was on the cover. So I grabbed it, got my free comics, and went on my way. But it took forever for me to finally sit down to read it. Luckily, when I did, I wasn’t disappointed. 

Second Chances includes six issues worth of PPG comics, following the girls and all of their villains! Mojo Jojo is caught and jailed, then realizes that he would prefer not to have his massive mind and would instead like to go back to being a monkey lab assistant. The Professor agrees, and administers Antidote X. 

Mojo Jojo (now just Jojo) comes home with the girls, and wrecks the house just a bit. But not in the villain type way, in the “having a monkey for a pet probably isn’t the best idea” way. The girls are not down at first, but the Professor explains that it’s going to be okay, so they relax (except Buttercup). 

The next morning, their house is surrounded by villains! But… they’re helping out?! Everyone is surprised, but the girls actually end up working with the villains to volunteer at pet shelters, fight petty criminals, and have picnics together. 

But is it all an elaborate hoax? Everything seems weirdly peaceful in Townsville, and I think we should start questioning it. Pick up your own copy of Second Chances at your local comic shop to see what happens! I really enjoyed this comic, and it felt nice to see some of my favorite characters again. Plus, there’s a reference for Foster’s fans out there, that threw me for a loop!











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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