Rolling Project Pan: Update 14

Here we are again, Panners and Fangirls! I’ve made a bit of progress these past two weeks and there are some pieces that remain unchanged. I’ve been wearing significantly less makeup lately, and as such, I haven’t made all that much progress on some of my items. Regardless, lets get into it.

I feel like this lip balm isn’t going anywhere fast. I’m totally okay with that; it’s a phenomenal balm, but it makes for boring panning. Sorry everyone!

While I haven’t been wearing much on my eyes, I’ve been making sure to do my brows every day I leave the apartment. It makes me feel more confident, and it helps me to work on getting through this bronzer. So the progress isn’t huge, but it’s there!

This mascara still isn’t going anywhere. I’m loving it, but I don’t think it’ll be done anytime soon.

Like I mentioned, I haven’t been doing eyeshadow recently, so Amaretto hasn’t changed all that much.

Look at this! I’ve made some serious progress on my hand sanitizer. This stuff is all but gone, so I’m going to replace it with this other hand sanitizer from Fortune Cookie Soap a million years ago. This was another situation where I liked the idea so much that I didn’t want to use it (because it’s Harry Potter themed!), but that’s foolish. So, I’m going to use it!

I did wear eyeliner every day, but there isn’t much change in this. I need to do a couple layers to get a full line, and I’m thinking I will be done with it by the next update!

Though it’s still going strong, I think my Oxford Street Soap is thinning a bit. I am still very much in love with the scent and the way it makes my skin feel. I love that it leaves the faintest scent on me, and it’s full of great memories.

Like I mentioned before, I’m basically just doing brows, liner, and mascara. That means my Lord & Berry pencil is getting love, but still not speeding through things.


I use this hydrating gel at least once a day, and it’s just lovely. I barely need any to cover my face, and it’s such a lovely cooling feeling, while also giving my skin some hydration.

I’ve had to start using a different brush when I use White Chocolate. It’s getting pretty dang low, and I’m excited about that. I haven’t used it a ton this past fortnight, but I’m still very much in love with it.

I use my acute exfoliator every other day, and I’m so darn in love with it. It is such a phenomenal exfoliator, and makes my face feel soft and clean. You can’t see any change because I need so little every day, but it’s so effective I’m not changing the amount.

I think I’m starting to get down more with this lotion. It’s got a lovely, light scent, and makes my skin feel great. I am hoping to polish it off by the next update.

Again, eyeshadow hasn’t been used much recently. Creme Brûlée is still going strong, I don’t think I’ll be seeing pan anytime soon.

We’ve made it! I’m done with the pale pink of this ColourPop duo, which means it’s time to concentrate on the red. I always feel a bit more intense when I wear red to work, but I also feel more powerful. I really like this read, and I’m excited to concentrate on it.

I’ve used all of one sheet mask recently. I absolutely adore the way they make my face feel, but I’m saving a couple of them for my next vacation, and I’ve been concentrating on my other mask lately. But I promise I’m working my way through them; heck, using the one was a big deal!

Since I haven’t been doing eyeshadow, I haven’t been using my glow serum.

I finished this mask! I dove right into another IDC mask, and it’s another favorite. Masking every night is really helping my mental state, and it’s good for my skin too!

This nail polish is pretty slow going. I need to be better about keeping up on my nails, so it continues to have progress.

That’s it for now, friends! I am proud of the small amount of progress I’ve made, and I hope to continue making more. I will not be updating in two weeks, because I’m going to be on vacation, and not bringing every piece of my project with me. But when I come back, I’ll hopefully have significant progress. I’ll see ya then!













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