One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake

Friends and Fangirls, as I often must with sequels; this is going to be prettty brief, but there will be mild spoilers of the last book (Three Dark Crowns) in here, so if you’re considering reading this series, go read that for yourself before clicking the read more tab! Know that I love this book, and highly recommend it!

We finished Three Dark Crowns with all the queens alive, even Katharine, who was thrown into the Breccia Domain. The Breccia Domain is where the killed queens have been thrown, and they are a part of her when she rises. 

This book is full of lies, danger, and death. It isn’t an easy book to read, because of those things, but there is a lot of happiness in it as well. We learn things about all three queens and their strengths through One Dark Throne, and towards the end, there is a crowing. But does that mean that the other queens are dead?

I absolutely enjoyed this book. I knew I would, because I tore through the first so ravenously, but this exceeded my expectations! There was far more adventure and fun in this, even surrounded by death. 

I highly recommend this series. If you enjoy magic in a more subtle sense than Harry Potter, love adventure, and don’t mind a bit of betrayal now and then, these books are for you. The third book, Two Dark Reigns, came out very recently. I suggest you grab copies of all three so you can power through the whole story. Happy reading!













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