Donut County

Last week, my boyfriend bought me Donut County, a game for both Playstation and mobile devices. He bought it because (in his words), it was made for me. Let me tell you, Fangirls, he wasn’t wrong.

Donut County is a game that feels kind of similar to Katamari Damacy; you need to start small to get big. But instead of rolling things up, you’re moving a hole around to drop people and their trash into the hollow earth (specifically, 999 feet below the surface). You play as a raccoon, and your goal is to get trash. But the game goes back and forth between flashbacks (when you’re dropping everyone from the surface via holes), and current time (when you’re dealing with the fact that no one is happy that you’ve done this).

There is a bit of puzzle solving to this, and some pretty great story, but for the most part, it’s a game about moving holes around. It’s a freaking blast!

I know it’s a simple idea, but it is so much fun. I was playing it relatively late, and actually fell asleep playing it. Not because it was boring, but because I wanted so badly to keep playing. It’s a short game, and probably took me about three hours, but the price point ($5) makes sense.

The controls are a bit difficult (especially when you’re laying down), but it really is such a neat game. I think my favorite part is trashopedia, the explanation of trash you’ve picked up. It’s here that you realize this game was made by raccoons, and everything is perfect.

I absolutely adored this game. It was so much fun to play, and was honestly beautiful. Plus, a whole bunch of story happens at the end, and is well worth playing. I finished the game before my boyfriend woke up so I could make sure he didn’t see the ending, and could play it for himself.

I highly recommend this game. It’s cute, fun, and incredibly silly. I think everyone can enjoy it.














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