Slytherin Box from The Bookish Shop

I ordered this Slytherin themed box from The Bookish Shop way back in June, and received it towards the end of August. It was an interesting little one-time box, and I’m excited to share its contents with you today!

One of the first items in the box that I saw was the house shirt. This was made by the people of The Bookish Shop, and it honestly wasn’t my favorite item. I think it’s cute and comfortable, but the design could be better. But having a comfortable shirt isn’t something I’m going to complain about!

Next was a tiny little candle. This Slytherin common room scent is just lovely. It screams Slytherin with its powerful smells. This cutie is from Novelly Yours. I’d love to have a bigger candle, but honestly, when wouldn’t I?

After that I pulled out this cute necklace. I think it’s a bit big for my usual looks, but statement pieces are a must, and this one has the Sorting Hat’s thoughts on Slytherin encapsulated in it! It also has a little secondary charm that is green with gold flecks. It looks like a snake! This necklace was made by Authored Adornments.

I next pulled out a reusable to-go mason jar. It’s a soft plastic that can’t be washed in the dishwasher or used for hot beverages, but it’s just a lovely little design. It says Slytherin Coffee with an open book. I don’t drink coffee, but I do enjoy iced tea and other cold beverages. I’m happy to have a reusable to-go mug that is better for the environment! This also comes from The Bookish Shop.

Speaking of not drinking coffee….next was some coffee! I think the idea is really phenomenal, and I wish I had more Slytherin friends who drank coffee that I could gift this to, but I’m sure I’ll find some use for it. I love that they made this box into an event; you can brew your coffee, ice it, and put it in your mason mug! It’s cute, and I like that. This came from Happenstance Coffee.

The final piece I got was a beautiful pillowcase from Ink & Wonder. I love this shop so dang much! I have a bookmark and small art piece from them, and now I can’t handle the beauty of this pillowcase! It’s the perfect size for throw pillows.

Altogether, this wasn’t my favorite box. It took a long time to ship (which they did say was the case when I ordered it), and I wasn’t blown away by the items inside. However, they may be more geared towards you! If you’ve received a box from the Bookish Shop, what did you think? Are you subscribed to their monthly box?













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