The Only Living Boy by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis

I need to start off by saying that this book wasn’t for me. I picked up the first four graphic novels and barely found any enjoyment in reading them, and that was disappointing. While this wasn’t the book for me, it may be up someone else’s alley. 

The only living boy follows a human, Eric, as he is transported to the patchwork planet. There, he slowly learns about the many different species who don’t get along. They do all have a common enemy though; Baalikar. 

Baalikar is an evil dragon bent on owning all of the species, like playthings. Does Eric have it in him to unite these many warring creatures to save the patchwork planet?

I think the ideas behind this book were neat, and there were interesting character designs. I actually borrowed them from the library specifically because of two characters on the cover; tough looking ladies who seemed like the right kind of folks. But nothing about it actually captured my attention. 

This is a middle grade graphic novel that may bee good for younger dudes. There’s definitely a lot of imagination that went into it, and there are some positive messages in the storyline. For those of you who have read this series, what did you think?













All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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