Furyborn by Claire Legrand

You touch me and I burn, and I could take everything burning down with me!

I bought Furyborn a couple months ago, almost on cover alone. I started reading it because I gave my boyfriend a list of titles, and he chose this. But once I started, I didn’t have any interest in stopping. 

Furyborn is two stories that are set in the same area, at two different times. Rielle is learning about her power and must complete trials that decide if she is the Sun Queen. Eliana, 1,020 years later, is choosing which side of the law she wants to be on. It starts rather simply, but let’s incredible pieces fall into place. 

This is a book of magic and war, but it has some sex scenes in it that blew me away. I wasn’t expecting this to be romantic (sure, we always get some romance with our strong gals, but not this much), and I was at first taken aback by the descriptor “sexy” on the back cover. But that changed quickly, as Legrand is a master wordsmith and knows exactly the right way to describe an orgasm. 

Not only is this book sexy as all get out, it’s also about two different and strong women. They are fighters, passionate and dangerous. I love it! I love reading about strong women, especially ones who have powers that they can’t always control or explain. Bonus points for them being women who know what they want in the bedroom. 

Furyborn is the first in a trilogy, and a big part of me is mad that I read this now. I’m not mad because of the book itself, rather that I have no idea when the next book comes out. I want more. 













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