Sierra Burgess is a Loser

I watched this movie exclusively because Barb from Stranger Things was in it. But when I started watching it, I fell in love. 

When mean girl Veronica gives hot guy Jamey the school loser’s phone number instead of hers all hell breaks loose. But on, like, a low level. Jamey texts Sierra, thinking she’s Veronica, and Sierra plays along. 

Not at first, of course. She thinks a random dude is fun to talk to and is having a good time. But when he calls her Veronica, she doesn’t stop. Instead, she digs her heels in deeper. 

This movie is catfishing to the extreme. Sierra gets Veronica to skype and go on actual dates with Jamey (all orchestrated by her, of course). It’s an interesting way to look at some real bad moves. Don’t catfish anyone, okay? It’s not cool. 

On the plus side, Veronica and Sierra end up having a pretty cool friendship. It starts because of boys (*groan*), but i actually really liked watching them grow together. That friendship was easily my favorite part of the movie. 

With an incredible cast (Peter Kavinsky from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before plays Jamey, and dang he’s a heartthrob) and a really fun plot, I think this movie is more than worth checking out. Catfishing is bad, please don’t take that any other way. But this movie is fun, touches on serious self esteem stuff, and was just an all around good time. 













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