Sheet Masks from Riley Rose

A couple months ago I wrote about some lovely sheet masks from Riley Rose. I’ve since been back (several times), and am so dang in love with sheet masks! I have been trying to get through my collection before buying new ones, so I’ve been waiting on the perfect time to get into these two. Now’s the perfect time!

I bought this lip mask because I wear a lot of lipstick. Lipstick can be very drying for your lips, and while I use lip balm daily, sometimes they need a little more. I hadn’t ever used a lip mask, but they’re pretty self explanatory: put the mask on your lips, wait 10-15 minutes, remove. So, that’s exactly what I did! I found that this was nice and hydrating, but didn’t have any crazy lasting effects. It also claims to be green grapes flavor, but I did not feel comfortable licking it (what if it tasted like soap? no thanks).

It looks a bit like a nightmare, but it was fun and cute while it lasted. However, I think I’ll be sticking to lip balm from now on.

After trying out my Gudetama mask, I’ve been dying to try more character themed ones. This ninja Hello Kitty stood out to me, because I kind of knew it was going to be a bit nightmarish. And it was!

This one did not smell nearly as nice as some of the other ones I’ve used in the past. It still worked phenomenally though! My skin felt so soft and smooth afterwards, and there was more than enough essence left to use it the following day as a morning moisturizer, plus put it on my hands and neck. It was terrifying to look at, but you can kind of see the Hello Kitty in there.

I love sheet masks, y’all. Honestly, just so freaking much! They’re a great treatment for your skin and a wonderful way to moisturize. Plus, sometimes you can scare your neighbors with them.













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