Rolling Project Pan: Update 15

Hey friends and Fangirls! It has been a minute since our last Project Pan Update; I’m sorry about that! Things at Fangirl HQ have been hectic to say the least, but now we’re back and ready to rumble. So, let’s dive right in!

Regrettably, I left a couple things from my Project at work this weekend, one of them being my lip balm. I know the photo is old, but I promise I’ve been working on it!

This pan is growing! I have been wearing even less makeup these past couple of weeks, but my brows are one thing that always get done. So the pan grows! I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish this year, as the pan is far more densely packed than I anticipated.

Again, this mascara is still kicking. It hasn’t gotten clumpy nearly as quickly as I thought it would, and I’m quite grateful for that.

Amaretto is still basically where it was. I used it during my vacation, and that helped with progress quite a bit.

The other item that I left at work is my hand sanitizer. I’m bummed about this, because while the progress isn’t crazy, it’s visible. I had this with me for my whole vacation, and loved having it for emergency situations and post-snack sticky hands.

I keep thinking that this eyeliner is dying, and then it comes back again! I’m hoping to use it enough to finish it this year, but I honestly don’t know if that will happen! It wants to stick around, and I’m not going to complain about that!

Here’s the big progress; I finished my Oxford Street Soap! I finished it while on vacation, and brought myself a half full package of green FUN. And guess what? That is now on it’s last legs! I’m really proud of this because I feel like liquid soaps are easier to use up, but solid soaps take forever. But this month I’ve finished off two solid soaps! I’m not sure what I’ll be rolling in, but I know I’ll be working to use more solid soaps (especially ones I haven’t tested yet). And if you haven’t tried FUN, it’s literally my favorite LUSH item, because of it’s many uses! Check it out here.

Lord & Berry brow pencil, forever drawing on brows. This baby is refusing to stop working, and I love it! It seems to be incredibly worth it’s cost; I read about finding (and buying) items that you will use so often that their cost per use is minimal. Lord & Berry’s brow pencil is something with an incredibly low cost per use. I’m only using a sample size, but it has taken me months to get (not even) half way through this pencil. I’m hooked, and I’m definitely going to buy a full size when I’m finished (if I finish).

My hydrating gel is waning, and I’m not quite sure what to do. I usually use it almost every day, but when I use sheet masks, I don’t (because I use the left over serum from them). But this is almost gone and I don’t have a backup moisturizer! I may end up picking up a full size of Kiehls (because that has been my favorite so far), but it’s hard to choose. Either way, there’s progress here!

White Chocolate is moving, slowly but surely. Now that I have to dig more specifically, it’s harder to justify using this! If I do use it, I end up accidentally using a lot because I have to dig. I get more chunks than a crushable powder, and that is a big bummer.

Still no visible progress on my acure face wash. I stand by this being my favorite exfoliator, and it working wonderfully on my face. It may not be for everyone, but I love it!

The lotion is moving down! It’s still such a lovely scent and so hydrating, that I’ll be missing it once it’s gone. But since I have a million different lotions, I think (and hope) I”ll find a pretty good replacement quickly!

You can’t see any visible difference in Creme Brûlée and that makes me feel a couple ways. One, like it makes sense. I haven’t been wearing all that much makeup recently, so of course there isn’t much progress. But two, it’s kind of a bummer. I was doing really well using things up, and now it feels like I’ve come to a big stop.

This red lippie is shrinking! I’m so glad to be seeing some progress here, and to know I’m making my way through it. I do use this less than I used the pink because it’s so much more of a powerful color, but I still try to wear it sometimes. It was a staple for vacation, and now it has to be a staple at home.

I’m down two more masks! There are two each in these packages, so I’ve only got four left, and I’m so excited! I’ll be sharing my thoughts on these with The Sartorial Geek once I get to them!

This glow serum is going to take me the rest of my life to finish. There is no hope of finishing it this year, or maybe even next year! I know it’s going to take me awhile, but sometimes that’s just the nature of things!

I haven’t used a ton of this mask recently, because my nightly routine has shifted pretty drastically. It’s okay for things to change, but I need to get back into the habit of taking better care of my skin.

I need to redo my nails today, but since I haven’t in awhile, you can see just how far I’ve come on the nail polish! I’m past the logo now, which is actually really exciting. I’m glad to be working on it, and I’m still loving it.

That’s all we’ve got right now. I’ hoping to finish a couple more products before the year closes out, but I’ll do my best to keep you all updated as we go! How many products have you worked your way through this year? Are you feeling good about your overall progress? Let me know in the comments below, and Happy Panning!













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