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I have fallen in love with podcasts recently, Fangirls. They make the work day go by faster, they can be educational, and a lot of them have some pretty strong comedy elements. Recently, while perusing Spotify’s Podcast section, I came upon Unladylike. I just had to give it a listen!

I do have to warn you, this article (and the podcast, of course) feature some triggering information. Proceed with caution. 

Just about a week later, and I’ve listened to a ton of the episodes! I absolutely adore it, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s full of information in ladies who are making strides in all different venues. There are women spearheading women’s monuments, marijuana dispensaries, and fighting against family violence. Episodes are jam packed with interviews, peppered with commentary from the hosts, Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin. 

One of my favorite episodes was about Rosie Batty. Batty is an Australian transplant from England. A few years ago, batty suffered an immense tragedy at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. He turned his abuse from her to their son; murdering him in a public park. Instead of fading into the shadows after this horrifying event, she stood up. Batty started a fight against domestic abuse, saying that we need to stop victim blaming and start holding a users accountable. Because of her, Australia has worked to become a safer place. 

This is just one of many incredible stories shared on Unladylike. The idea is to show women doing positive (though Unladylike) things for the world. It showcases the power of women, especially when banded together. 

If you’re in the market for a new podcast, I can not recommend this one enough. Unladylike is available where ever podcasts play. Plus, you can check out their website here!













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