Scream All Night by Derek Milman

I have to start this by saying that it wasn’t what I expected. I bought this book thinking it would be a horror novel, some dark, spooky story where nightmares come true. Instead, this is a touching story of someone taking back who they are. 

Dario is the emancipated 17 year old son of a cult movie maker. He grew up in a castle that served as sets and production areas for all of his father’s films, and he played the starring role in a zombie flick. But when he’s invited back to Moldavia for his father’s funeral, things change. 

The funeral definitely doesn’t go as planned, and nor does the will reading the next day. Dario inherits Moldavia studios, and has to figure out a way to save a struggling studio while dealing with his past problems with the castle. 

There is a lot of heartbreak in this book. It isn’t romantic, but instead is just sad. Readers experience characters breaking in so many ways. There’s also quite a bit of abuse, and that was incredibly difficult to absorb. That was the most horrifying aspect of this book, the abuse both remembered and assumed. 

Altogether, though, i really enjoyed reading it. I was disappointed at first by the lack of horror, but found that Scream All Night hit its stride, and became an incredible page turner. If you like horror stories, coming of age novels, and can appreciate a good cult movie, you should check out Scream All Night. I desperately enjoyed reading it, and I’m sure you will too. 













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