September Owl Crate

This was my final Owl Crate, and it was a doozy! This incredible box was filled to the brim with beautiful items! While I’m sad to say goodbye, I’m glad I went out on a high note. Lets get into what was inside the box!

September’s Owl Crate was Masters of Disguise themed, which sounded incredibly exciting to me. One of the first things in it was a lovely pair of Six of Crows inspired gloves! These knit fingers gloves will make it so I can pick locks text people even when its cold out! These came straight from Team OwlCrate.


Next was a lip balm from GeekFireLabs. It’s inspired by The Kiss of Deception (which I know nothing about), but it sounds like the perfect fit for this box.


Next was another thing that I didn’t understand the reference for, but fell in love with immediately; bath soak! I’m a huge fan of comforting baths, and I’m glad to have gotten something so seemingly soothing in this crate. It was created by Leeloo Soaps, and is inspired by The Diabolic.

Another lovely thing that came out of this OwlCrate, is this beautiful Lila Bard print! Lila is a phenomenal character from the A Darker Shade of Magic series by Victoria Schwab. I am glad to be collecting so much bookish art, courtesy of these boxes! The artist for this was Kirsty Carter.

Last but not least is this gorgeous Harry Potter mug. Inspired by Azkaban, this ceramic mug was illustrated by Cara Kozik. All of the Marauders are hidden in it!

I also received a couple promotional items. Since I had preordered Two Dark Reigns, I received a crown pin inspired by the series. I’m so excited that I got Poisoner, because I think I would fit in with them. I also received some Grim Lovelies inspired nail polish. While I haven’t read (or even bought) Grim Lovelies yet, it looks like an incredible story. Plus, a little extra nail polish never did hurt!

The final item in this month’s crate was the book, Mirage! I was really excited to receive this; i part because I knew this had to be the book that was coming with it. It looks incredible, and I can’t wait to dive in.

While I have stopped my Owl Crate subscription, I do highly recommend you check it out. It features lovely and beautiful gifts for readers, and even if you haven’t read the books items are inspired by, you can still enjoy them! You can check out OwlCrate here!












All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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