Rolling Project Pan: Update 16

Things are still hectic in these parts, but I honestly don’t know when (or even if) that is going to change. So let’s roll right into this week’s updates!

First up is this lip balm, which I have both some good and bad news with. Bad news is that I can’t find it. But the good news is that since I’m sick, if I had been using it, I would have to throw it out; but since I have been using a smaller, sample size lip treatment, I don’t have to say goodbye just yet. At least, once I find it.

As always, my bronzer pan is growing, slowly but surely. This is something I will continue to use, as I will always be doing my brows.

My Bad Gal Bang mascara is starting to get clumpy, which means we’re getting to its last legs. I’m hoping to be done by next update, because this stuff has to be incredibly expired at this point.

Amaretto isn’t moving all that much. Because of the things that are going on in my life right now, I’ve been spending less and less time on makeup. I’d like to change that, as makeup makes me feel nice, but time is important to make that happen. Hopefully I’ll get back to that soon.

This hand sanitizer has been moving! Since I used it on my road trip and I’ve been bringing it everywhere with me, there’s some pretty significant progress. It’s not the biggest win, but it’s still a good thing.

This eyeliner has to be on it’s last legs. It’s starting to take more coats to get a full line, so I’m thinking that (much like with the mascara) I’ll retire it next update. For now, I’ll get what use I can out of it, and I’ll figure out what I’ll be using next.

I finished off the FUN, and moved on to another LUSH item; last year’s Shooting Star soap. I was really excited about this because of it’s sharp citrus scent, but wow did it go by quickly! It was a lovely soap, but I am really quite disappointed in how long it lasted (almost exactly two weeks). I did still enjoy the scent though.

We’ve got before and after photos here, but also what I’m rolling in! I’ll be moving on to another LUSH soap tomorrow morning; Orange FUN! Another FUN soap, I’m hoping that this one will continue to smell as lovely and last a bit longer than the last one!

Is the Lord & Berry brow pencil still kicking? Oh my goodness yes. I’ve sharpened it a couple times, and I’m honestly really glad it’s still going so dang well.

My hydrating gel is gone. I’m actually kind of bummed about this, because it was such a lovely moisturizer. Since I don’t have a new moisturizer to roll in, I’ll be switching it up, and adding in this It’s a 10 leave in conditioner. I’ve had this for awhile (it’s over half empty) but I forget to use it because I just make my own leave-in conditioner now. But now I’ll be working on this instead of making it myself!


Slow and steady, am I right? White Chocolate isn’t in any rush to get out of her, but lets be honest, I’m not complaining.

The same goes for this ACURE face exfoliator; it’s going well, I use it three times a week, and it doesn’t seem to want to end. And I’m not mad about that!

I haven’t been using a ton of this lotion, but now that we’re starting to get into the much cooler months, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use this and (fingers crossed) another pot of lotion up by the end of the year. But, since I lost this one, who knows! Keep me in your thoughts for this one!

I’m not sure I’m ever going to hit pan on Creme Brûlée. It’s a beautiful and rich color, and I barely use it in my makeup looks. Should I switch it up, or just keep trucking?

Oops, I haven’t used my lipstick at all. Again, this is a good thing because I’m sick and I don’t want to contaminate things.

When I said I haven’t been taking time for me, I really meant it. I haven’t done any masking, sheet or peel off. So know that I still have the same amount of masks left.

So, you can’t see a difference (because the tube has always been mostly air), but I’ve been using my glow serum! It’s definitely not a favorite, but every day that I do eye makeup, I use it!

Remember what I said about masks?

It’s still the same amount.

I’ve only done my nails a couple times, so you can’t see any difference, but I swear I’m going to finish this color by the end of the year! It’s starting to be slightly more difficult to get a good amount of polish on the brush, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign! Another one that I can’t find though, which is insane because I used it last night. Hopefully I’ll be able to find it before my next application!

And that’s where we’re at, friends and fangirls. I’m proud of the amount of progress I’ve made this year, and just yesterday I realized that I haven’t bought any cosmetics in a long time! I have a couple subscription boxes, and one of them features self care items (Unplugged Book Box, check ’em out), so sometimes I get a soap or face mask, but I haven’t gone in search of those items in awhile. And I’m really proud of myself for that. Sure, I’ve spent money in different ways (books, I’m looking at you), but the perishables have slowed down. So it’s a win! I also haven’t bought anything from LUSH all year, which I consider a huge victory. I do look at their site now and then (yes I HAVE been drooling over that beautiful bat knot wrap for Halloween), but I haven’t bought anything. Heck, I’ve been into the store a couple times! I’m genuinely quite proud to be working through s many items, and bringing fewer in. I hope your year long projects have been going well too, and I hope you’ll share progress with me!

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