Vicious by Victoria Schwab

Two things before we start with this:

  1. I know I’m late to this train. Vicious has been quite popular for some time, and I am behind as heck. 
  2. I love Victoria Schwab’s writing. I loved the Magic trilogy and the Duet duology, so I went into this knowing I was going to love it. So let’s review it!

Vicious (as I’m sure many of you already know) is about superheroes. Well, EOs aren’t necessarily heroes, they’re just folks who are ExtraOrdinary. Sometimes they can bend metal, or control what you can do. Some can intensify or lower pain, and others self heal. But 10 years ago, no one was all that sure they existed, but Eli Cardale knew they had to exist. So he took on research about EOs as his thesis. 

Eli’s roommate, Victor Vale, decided to go along for the ride. His thesis focused on adrenaline, and the effects on the body. But since he and Cardale had become close, he kept his nose in. When the two of them find out how to become EO, all hell breaks loose. This book is the story of that cause and effect. 

It takes place in a couple different times, but most of it is between ten years ago and sometime within the past two weeks. This is a fantastic way for readers to see how and why things came to be the way they are. Also, it makes more sense to have a book formatted this way than to have mid-chapter flashbacks. 

I absolutely adored this. I have Vengeful waiting for me to read next, and I can’t wait to dig in. While there were points that you could tell this was earlier in Schwab’s writing career, it was almost entirely written fantastically. 

Whether or not you’ve read Victoria Schwab’s work before, you need to read Vicious. It is not intended for young readers (language), but it is still an incredible book. There is violence and death, and an all around thirst for revenge. But it’s just so dang good! I can’t recommend it enough. 














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