Feminerd TBR

As I’m sure many of you are, I’m preparing intensely for the upcoming holiday season. Nothing against Halloween (the best holiday), but holiday gifts are on my mind year round. I am a big fan of starting to shop early, so I don’t spend a couple paychecks at the end of November on just gifts. So today, I have a short list of must reads (or must buys) for your favorite feminerd!

First up is Girl Squads by Sam Maggs. As I’m sure you remember, I have loved Maggs’ books since she started publishing them, and while I haven’t picked up Girl Squads yet, I know I need to. Girl Squads focuses on strong lady crews throughout history, and how they got down to serious business. From lady pirate duos to an all lady orchestra, this book has it all. So grab it for the power gal on your shopping list!


Feminasty is next, with a slightly more comical spin on the struggles of womanhood. This book claims to help readers “survive the patriarchy without drinking yourself to death,” which seems to be a pretty bold statement. The author of this one is Erin Gibson, host of the Throwing Shade podcast. I’veheard exclusively good things about this one, and can’t wait to pick it up for myself!


Next up is Unladylike, a book written by the folks behind my latest podcast favorite (by the same name). This book has beautiful illustrations and ways to unpack the clap track that is your life. I need to get my hands on this one, because it seems so far up my alley. I just grabbed it yesterday, and so should you.


After this, I’ve got This Bridge Called my Back. It’s a collection of feminist writings by women of color. It’s been out since 1983, but I have a feeling a lot of the pieces are still relevant today. You can (and should) grab a copy.


Finally is Bad Girls Throughout History, by Ann Shen. This book focuses on the stories of 100 powerful, badass women throughout history. That alone sells me on this (heck, the title alone does). I am definitely going to be picking this up at some point.

This list is far from definitive; there are so many beautifully feminist books out there, written by all sorts of people, and they deserve to be read. While I haven’t read these, I’ve picked up some, and I’ll definitely be picking up the rest, and I hope you do too. Check them out for you, or for your favorite fangirl in your life.













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