Unplugged Box: October

Alright, I know I was so late reviewing last month’s box that this one feels like it came immediately afterwards, but I’m trying to be more on top of things! I’m really excited about this box, as Things are Not What They Seem is an incredible theme! I am really excited about the contents, so let’s get right into it.

To start, this month’s box had some lovely paper goods, including a bookmark, a smoothie recipe, a playlist, gratitude journal, and an Edgar Allen Poe poem.

So first off there was this fantastic, blood orange lip balm. It’s themed after Carrie, and seems rad as heck. But since I am me, I lost it almost immediately. But I do hope I find it, as I love lip balm so dang much, and blood orange is perfect for a Carrie themed item. This was made by Delight Naturals!

Next was this fantastic soap that is themed after the Exorcist! While I haven’t seen the exorcist, I do love a good Ouija board item! This soap smells of bergamot, so get ready for some cozy washes! It was made by the lovely folks over at The Witch’s Bath.

Next up is a face mask. This pack should have enough for 2 Oogie Boogie masks, and it’s made by the Hued Shoppe. I’m really excited to try this out, as I love nothing more than a good face mask.

Last but definitely not least is a candle from Lunar Bazaar Candles. It’s themed after Vicious, with a sprinkling of graveyard dirt and bones inside! This was the item I was most excited about as I took it out of the box; I feel like many boxes will include candles, but they’re usually pretty small. this one, however, is a whopping 9oz! Plus, it smells phenomenal. I can’t wait to use it.

The final item was of course, the book. This month’s book is What The Woods Keep by Katya de Becerra. It looks like a fantastic spooky read, and I can’t wait to crack into it!

Yet another month gone by, and Unplugged is blowing me away. I am so darn in love with the fact that I can use the items in it to shut myself off and relax. It’s a fantastic idea, and makes for a box that I look forward to every month. You can check them out here, and get ready for next month!














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