PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han

Lara Jean is at it again. Her letters and relationship are getting her into a bit of trouble, and it’s worth checking out. But if you haven’t read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, go read that! You can’t read this review without spoilers from book one!

This book starts immediately after the first. Lara Jean is dealing with some insanity; someone took video of her and Peter in the hot tub, and posted it online! Very much not cool. She and Peter are on the rocks because of his closeness with Genevieve, and that becomes even more visible when Lara Jean realizes that Gen is almost definitely the person who took the video and sent it out. 

Add in the fact that John Ambrose McClaren finally responded to her letter, and you’ll understand just how wild this year is shaping up to be for our girl. And it gets as wild as you can imagine. 

I won’t go further into the plot, because you should read it (obviously), but it’s incredible. Once again I was swept away by Jenny Han, and I fell in love with her characters. I love that I’ve had the chance to read this, and I hope you take time to do so as well. I haven’t picked up the third book yet, but I’m working on it. 













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