Once Upon a Book Club: The Dark Descent Of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White

Friends and Fangirls, YA is the best thing in the planet. Young adult books are truly a miracle, especially when they are a part of subscription boxes. I both bought and received Elizabeth Frankenstein from a subscription box, gave away one copy, and fell in love with the other. 

This marvelous retelling of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s classic, stars a young girl. Elizabeth is given to Victor Frankenstein in hopes of making him closer to normal; he seems to have a pension for damaging those around him, and ruining things. So when the Frankenstein family comes across a young girl of surprisingly good lineage, they bring her to Victor. 

As Elizabeth and Victor grow together, she learns of his oddities, and works with him to mask and hide them. She teaches him to smile when appropriate, and hides his misdoings. But as we know the story of Frankenstein, things escalate pretty intensely. 

This book was phenomenal, but even more incredible is that my subscription box copy is from Once Upon a Book Club. The folks at OUABC do something truly magical; they litter your book with reminders to open gifts at certain points, and those gifts relate to the story. In The Dark Descent Of Elizabeth Frankenstein, readers received a lovely clutch with a key, a letter from Victor’s chum Henry Clerval, a tiny locket that looks like Shelley’s Frankenstein, and a jewelry box that looks like a book!

The experience of this beautiful book and subscription is better than I could ever explain. If you haven’t read The Dark Descent Of Elizabeth Frankenstein, you really should. And if you have never subscribed to Once Upon a Book Club, change that!











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