Fake Blood by Whitney Gardner

This book was the most perfect post-Halloween read as I could ask for! I’m a big Graphic Novel fan, and Fake Blood by Whitney Gardner is a fangtastic combination of GNs and middle grade writing. I fell in love before I even opened the book!

Fake Blood is about AJ, a regular dude. On the first day of sixth grade, his two best friends are comparing incredible summer stories. One went bungee jumping, and the other climbed a mountain! But AJ feels kind of cruddy because he read 10 books over vacation. He enjoys reading, but his friends seem to think that it isn’t an adventurous enough way to spend vacation. 

At school, he’s assigned to work on a project with Nia, the girl he has a crush on. Their new teacher, Mr Niles, chooses partners, and tells everyone to make a project on a country. Nia has a stack of vampire books, so they decide to work on Transylvania. 

Seeing that Nia likes vampires so much, AJ decides to make himself interesting by pretending to be one! He does a whole bunch of research, a lot of which comes from the Moonlight book. He darkens circles under his eyes, adds a bit of sparkly highlighter to his cheeks, and starts applying fake blood to his teeth at lunch time. But what happens when Nia notices his changes?! It’s surprising. 

This book was so much fun to read, I read it twice. AJ has a rad older sister named B.B. who I hope I can be as cool as one day. It was an interesting cast of characters, and I really recommend checking it out!














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