Road to Riverdale: stories that inspired CW’s new Riverdale tv series

I’m very late to this party. Riverdale premiered almost two years ago, and I’m only now reading the comics that inspired the show. This book is an amalgamation if Riverdale’s greatest hits; inside, there are 5 first issues that led up to the show. 

This book contains the first issue of Archie, Jughead, Betty & Veronica, Josie and the Pussycats, and Reggie and Me. These are the newest releases of these comics, with a whole bunch of history and back story in between. 

This is definitely a book to get you to buy more comics; it’s a bit of a Riverdale sampler! But since each story only has the first issue, you don’t get any full stories. The idea behind it, however, is absolutely fantastic. 

As someone who never read Archie, but who loves Riverdale, this was a cool way for me to experience the characters in something closer to their original form: comics. The cover is clearly based on the actors in the show, but the comics inside are all from before the show premiered. It’s neat to feel the ways that the show stayed (mostly) true to characters. 

While I had a blast reading this collection, I don’t think it’s worth buying. I think this is the sort of book you borrow from the library, and then go to a comic shop to grab the next pieces of it. I spent most of the Betty & Veronica issue wishing it was done, but I reread Josie and the Pussycats because even though I own that issue already, it’s so well done, I couldn’t not reread it!

If you’re a fan of Riverdale, especially one who isn’t super attached to the Archie comics, you may want to check it out. There are some well written introductions that are worth checking out, and some of the art is truly incredible (Fiona Staples, thank you for creating). When it comes down to it, I wouldn’t recommend buying it, but I would recommend checking it out. It’ll give you a little bit of fun, at least!













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