Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake

Before we get right into this, I have a couple things you need to know. This is the third book in a series (I thought it was a trilogy, but it isn’t), so there will be information that spoils the first two books.  Go read those before reading this. And know that I’m still going to keep this relatively sparse. 

Spoilers incoming!

This book takes focus slightly off of the Queens, and into Jules Milone. Jules was Arsinoe’s best friend, and now knows a lot more about herself; she’s Legion Cursed. Those who are Legion Cursed are often immediately put to death because they go mad. The Legion Curse means that Jules has two gifts inside of her instead of one. She has both the Naturalist gift, and the War gift. 

Since she has the two gifts and survived, the War people believe that she is meant to be the Legion Queen; to get rid of the Poisoner reign and end the Goddess line. So they form a rebellion. 

Katherine, now Queen, has heard of the rebellion, but she’s got more than enough on her plate as it is. She is full of dead queens past, accidentally killed the queen consort with her over poisoned body, and now the Mist surrounding the island is taking people from ships, destroying them, and then dropping them at her doorstep. 

Meanwhile, on the mainland, Arsinoe and Mirabella  are living with Billy Chatworth and his family. Arsinoe starts having troubling dreams, and believes that they must go back to the island to fix the Mist. 

It’s quite incredible to see these separate stories come together. I’m grateful to be seeing more of Jules, and watching her learn her gifts. I’m also super about seeing Katherine’s rule. The book is beautifully written, and while I’m upset it isn’t a trilogy, like I expected, I’m glad that more from the world of Fennbirn will come to us!













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