Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalo

I picked this book up because (like many others) I had seen a lot about it online. I know there’s a couple books following it, surrounding other dangerous characters from history and fiction, so I figured that I may as well check it out. 

Audrey Rose Wadsworth is not your average 1880’s lady. She has a deep interest in science; forensic science to be specific. She secretly studies under her Uncle as he dissects cadavers for knowledge. 

When Jack the Ripper or “Leather Apron” starts killing, Audrey is determined to find who he is, and stop him. She works with a friend (and possible romantic partner) Thomas to seek out clues to find exactly who Jack is. When her Uncle is incarcerated and assumed the Ripper, Audrey has to work even harder to find out if that is true, or if the Ripper is someone closer to her. 

I wasn’t a huge fan of this book, because I thought the cover gave away who the Ripper was. It also felt incredibly slow, especially for a murder mystery. But the last 50 pages had me staying up late to read them; I didn’t want to stop. The climax truly is climactic, and I’m glad that I continued reading. I think this is a pretty good book for early high schoolers who have a strong stomach. 














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