Invisible Ghosts by Robyn Schneider

I picked up Invisible Ghosts with no idea what it was about. I skimmed the front cover, saw “ghosts,” and I was in. But I’m really glad I jumped into it, because it was a great read. 

Invisible Ghosts is about Rose, a girl whose brother died four years ago. But she hasn’t said goodbye, because she still sees him almost every day after school. Well, she sees his ghost. 

When an old friend moves back to her school, Rose starts making some changes. She looks toward her future; taking PSATs, looking into colleges, trying out for the school play. These are all awesome things to do, but not when you’re a ghost who no longer gets to see his little sister. 

This book is a little supernatural, a lot nerdy, and chock full of ghosts. While I’m not lookin for ghosts of my own in any way, I really appreciated the way loss was discussed and handled. 

I also really enjoyed seeing Logan (Rose’s brother) get frustrated and transition from ghost to poltergeist at times. It was really interesting to experience the differences. Schneider really did that well, and I’m grateful to have read it. 

If you’re looking for a fun, slightly paranormal read, check out Invisible Ghosts!














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