Sadie by Courtney Summers

I received Sadie in my first Unplugged box, and I thought it was just a regular book that would be fun to read. It was instead, and incredibly stressful and powerful book, that I got a book hangover from. Reading Sadie was exhausting; not because it was poorly written, but because of the subject matter. 

Sadie is written in two different formats; one from Sadie’s point of view, and one the starts a bit later, from a person doing a radio story about the missing girl named Sadie. 

When Sadie’s sister Mattie is found dead, Sadie unravels. She was more of a mother to Mattie than their actual mother was, and she did everything for them. But Mattie wanted to try to find their strung out mother, and got into the wrong car. 

This story is about Sadie trying to find the owner of that car. 

 While this book is beautifully written, it is incredibly dark and even bleak at some points. Sadie is looking for her mom’s ex boyfriend who sexually abused her. While nothing gets too detailed, that is a theme throughout the book, and it can be incredibly difficult to read. But beyond that difficulty, is Sadie’s strength. She is the reason I needed to keep reading. She’s a powerhouse who needs to end the story her way. And that made the difficult things worth reading. 

Since this came with my Unplugged box, it had a note from the creators of Unplugged. They remind readers that runaway girls are a very real thing, and that they often become sucked into sex trafficking. This is something that we need to remember as we come out of our fictional stories, and we need to know the reality of. 

Sadie is hard to read, but it’s also hard to stop reading. I needed to know where she went next, what she uncovered, and if West (the man working her story for the radio) ever figured out where she went. If you’re up for a book about a girl who knows how to stand up for herself, against all odds, you need to pick up Sadie. 














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