January Reading Goals

Friends and Fangirls, we’ve all sorted our main goals for 2019, but we need to consider the truly important goals: reading goals. I read a lot in 2018, and it’s very important to me that I read just as much in the new year.

My main goal is to read more than I buy. My TBR pile is insane, and I really want to read as much of that as I can. As there are 61 books in my TBR, I would like to read all of them this year. Of course, I will buy books this year, but I’d like to focus on the ones that I have first. I’ll be continuING what I started last year and setting monthly groups of books to read.
As it’s January, I’ll be starting here! This month I’d like to read at least 5.
Rosewater by Tade Thompson
I started Rosewater a week or so ago, and I’m hoping to finish it this month. It’s about an alien dome that made it so some people can read minds. Taking place in Africa, this is a sci-fi different from others I’ve read. It shows a different view on things, and I am loving it so much.
White Stag by Kara Barbieri
I read this book last week, and was a big fan. I have a full review that went up on Wednesday, and you can read that here.
Mirage by Somaiya Daud
I started reading this immediately after finishing White Stag, and I’m in love! I finished it this weekend, and I’ll have a review up as soon as I can!
Talk to Me by John Kenney
This is a Goodreads ARC I won, and comes out this month. While I don’t think I’ll be finishing it before it’s publication date, I really am looking forward to it. It is about a TV personality’s fall from grace in the public eye, even though his family hasn’t trusted him in ages. While it isn’t my usual YA or Fantasy, it sounds like a really compelling read, and I can’t wait to dive in!
(Don’t) Call Me Crazy by Kelly Jensen
This is a collection of essays and short stories about mental health. I haven’t done much research into it, but since it has pieces from some of my favorite authors (including VE Schwab and Becky Albertalli), I knew I had to buy it. Any book that features mental health prominently has great potential, and I’ll be reading these stroies in between other books this month. I know that I will get overwhelmed if I read it all together, so I plan to take plenty of breaks.
Sweet Pea by CJ Skuse
This is another Goodreads giveaway book, and I am so darn excited to read it! It’s a horror comedy about your everyday girl next door with a kill list. It seems directly up my alley, and I know that there is a sequel, which I will most likely be picking up once I finish it!
The Martin Chronicles by John Fried
Yet another free goodreads book! This one seems to be a middle grade slice-of-life book. It is another that doesn’t seem to be my usual choice, but well worth the read. I don’t tend to read middle grade, but after reading The New Kid by Jerry Craft, I fully believe that the genre can take on some pretty serious things, and get down to business.
I know this is a lot of books, and a month is only so long. But since my TBR is out of control, I need to get reading. What are you focusing on this month?
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