Sweet Pea by CJ Skuse

I had read a synopsis of this book, but I was not prepared for it. 

Sweet Pea is a book about a woman out for vengeance. She’s kind of a female Dexter, but more fueled by anger and with less in-house preparation. She kills bad guys, especially ones who go after women and children. A victim of severe childhood trauma, she is kind of a shoe-in for becoming a psychopath. But she’s a pretty dang thorough one. 

I had a couple issues reading this, because it uses references and language that I don’t always understand because it’s based in England. Of course they have different slang and references, but after just a bit, I was completely comfortable with it all. 

Rhiannon is an incredibly powerful woman who is sick of people in the world. This book is her diary, and she starts almost every day with a Kill list; who she’d kill I she could. Sometimes she can, and that makes it even more enjoyable. 

I really enjoyed this. It gets detailed with gore in some parts, and gives some raunchy details on her sex life in other parts, but it all really adds to the vibe of the book. I adored reading it, and while the 447 pages felt like a full story, it is the first in a series. I’m excited to read more, and learn how she deals with the recent developments in her story. 














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