Nemesis Foaming Bath Soak by Leeloo’s Soap

Ever since I started using lush products, I haven’t used bath salts. I usually go for the Bright shows of bath bombs, or the strong bubbles from reusable bubble bars. But when I was subscribed to OwlCrate last year, I received a soak from Leeloo’s, and it took me forever to try out. 

I considered regifting it, or putting it in a giveaway, because I like my fancy products from Lush. But the great thing about boxes like OwlCrate is the way that you are supporting smaller businesses. So I tried Nemesis. 

There wasn’t a wild show, and there weren’t bubbles. But I did have an incredibly relaxing bath! After dropping 2 palm-fulls of this soak into my tub, I watched the water turn a pale grey purple, and smelled some beautifully candy-like smells. 

I think the color would have been stronger had I used the whole package, but I knew when I opened it that I loved the scent, and I didn’t want to use it all up. Plus, having a bath product that can travel easily is always good, and this zip-top makes that possible!

I really enjoyed using this Leeloo’s bath soak. It was such a nice simple color, and beautiful scent, that I didn’t have any worries in my bath. I’ll definitely be checking out more of Leeloo’s products in the future! To be completely honest, I don’t think this will replace my bath bombs, but I think it will be a great addition to any future bath cocktails, and is a chill soak on its own. 

Thank you so much to OwlCrate for including this product, and to Leeloo’s for making it! I’m glad to have my bathing horizons widened again!













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