Mothman’s Curse by Christine Hayes with illustrations by James K Hindle

Last year, my boyfriend and I went on a really cool road trip. We visited Cincinnati, tried tons of tasty food, and saw a zoo we’ve been watching for quite some time now. But before we went to Cincinnati, we stayed overnight in Point Pleasant, WV, the home of the Mothman. 

I don’t know a ton about cryptids, they’re kind of my boyfriend’s thing. But I really like learning about them, and seeing how people get so into them. So we went to the Mothman Festival, and he bought me Mothman’s Curse, because I love reading and I was getting into this Mothman business. 

This book stars three kids; Josie, Fox, and Mason. They’re children of an auctioneer, and they live in Athens, OH. Athens is pretty dang close to Point Pleasant, so the mutual haunting isn’t too surprising. As the kids are going through items from an old estate, they learn (and are sucked into) the Mothman’s curse. Mothman’s job is to warn others of tragedies to come. If you save everyone, the curse is broken. But if you don’t, you have to choose who the curse is passed on to. 

This is an early YA or late Middlegrade book, so it was a quick read. I enjoyed it though, because it didn’t skirt around some of the darker themes. It was incredibly well written, and I was surprised to learn that it was Hayes’s debut novel. 

I really enjoyed reading Mothman’s Curse, and thought it was a unique way to look at the legend of Point Pleasant. I love that there are different schools of thought as to how he came to be, and what his purpose is. Either way, pick up a copy of Mothman’s Curse next time you’re in Point Pleasant, and say hello to Mothman for me!


















All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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