Lunar Dust Crumbles from The Witch’s Bath

I love that Unplugged Book Box partners with small, independent businesses. I also love that they’ve partnered with The Witch’s Bath more than once!

These bath crumbles were magnificent. I used the whole package this time (as instructed) and was met with a gorgeous, color changing bath. I was completely blown away; the bath was separated into blue and red, and eventually merged into a stunning dark purple. I’m used to bath bombs doing that, but nothing else. So of course I was floored!

Also, this smelled beyond incredible. It’s said to be Juniper Breeze scented, but all I smelled was blueberry. It wasn’t overwhelming, but just so pleasant! Blueberry isn’t a scent I’ve come across often with bath or beauty products, and I think that’s because it’s a difficult scent to manufacture without it being overbearing. But The Witch’s Bath truly hit the nail on the head with this concoction!

I think the thing I was the most blown away by, was the color pay off. It was such a gorgeous, deep purple. But it didn’t stain anything! My skin, tub, and towel I dried off with were all unharmed. Heck, I didn’t even feel like the tub was slippery as I got out! 

This was an all around incredible product. I love products from The Witch’s Bath, and as soon as I’ve used up more of my overwhelming stash of bath items, I’ll be placing an order from them! Thank you so much to Unplugged for introducing me to them. Happy Bathing!













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