Talk to Me by John Kenney

Ted Grayson is in everyone’s homes, every evening, and he has been for 20 years. As the anchorman of a well-watched news program, his face is known to millions. But when he verbally attacks his stand-in makeup artist, and she catches him on video, things change. 

Yes goes through a lot, both with his family and the world. He is shut out, on probation at work, getting a divorce, and his daughter hasn’t spoken to him in ages. But he did something wrong, and things have to be done because of that. 

This book seems to be about a white man who has it all and is losing it, at least in the first half. But it becomes far more about his closer relationships; with his wife, daughter, Doctor, the world, and himself. It’s an interesting turn, and I’m glad it became what it did. 

I genuinely thought I wasn’t going to be impressed with this. Oh no, another poor white dude who messed up and now we have to feel sorry for him. But I didn’t come away from it that way; I came away grateful for the time I had with the book, and hoping that people read it all the way through. 

That being said, I don’t forgive Ted Grayson. Sure, he’s a fake person who was created for a story, but I don’t find that I can forgive him. I think he is a character that I grew to appreciate a bit, but it doesn’t change the things he said and did. I think that Talk to Me is a worthwhile read, even if adult fiction isn’t your usual jam. I took my time enjoying this book, and I encourage you to do the same. 













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