Holler and Glow Purrfect Pedi

I bought this foot mask on a whim, because why the heck not. I’m not someone who likes my feet touched, but I really love the feeling of fresh pedicure. So I figured I’d try out a mask that’s supposed to do something similar!

These were…interesting. I sat with my feet in slippery plastic slippers for an hour and 15 minutes, as my feet soaked. I had to walk just a bit, but I would not recommend it. I felt a little insecure doing that, because I was worried about falling. 

After the mask, my feet felt cold and a bit sticky. But I had to wait 7-10 days (according to the package) to see the serious results. 

7-10 days later, nothing is different about my feet. I’ve seen some extra dry spots, and rubbed them to see if they would shed and become new feet (or at least expose new, nicer skin underneath) to no avail. I am seriously bummed out by this mask; I expected to have significant results, but ended up with nothing!

I do not recommend this mask. I think you can achieve the same thing (or better, honestly) by using moisturizer on your feet daily. You can also use basic exfoliators and scrubs to work on dead skin. But do not use the Holler and Glow mask.













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