The Princess and the Fangirl by Ashley Poston

I received an arc of Geekerella before its release, and was lucky enough to receive one of The Princess and the Fangirl as well! Before this I had read Geekerella and Heart of Iron from Poston, so I knew I loved her style. I also knew that Geekerella is one of two Cinderella adaptations I enjoy (the other is the movie with Brandi). 

Opening up The Princess and the Fangirl, and returning to ExcelsiCon felt like getting a big warm hug. Poston drops us right back into the same setting as Geekerella, only this time, we’re focusing on Princess Amara. In case you don’t remember, Amara sacrificed herself in the last Starfield movie, and Jess (the actress that plays Amara) is hoping that’s it for the character. 

Imogene doesn’t feel the same way. So much so, that she has spearheaded the #SaveAmara campaign. She’s garnered over 50,000 signatures for her petition and promotes the heck out of this. Because Amara deserves to be more than a plot point. 

When Jess realizes that the package she was given (and promptly threw away) was the super secret script for the next Starfield movie, she knows she’s in big trouble. So she uses Imogene’s dropped key card to find her hotel room, and convinces her to do the unthinkable; switch lives for the weekend. Imogene can be Jess for panels and meet and greets, while Jess (as Imogene) runs around looking for the script. 

This book was just beyond phenomenal. There were so many references to pop culture (and an influx of The Adventure Zone bits) that I felt like I was actually at a convention. I haven’t been to a con in a hot minute, but holy cow did I know exactly what Poston was writing about when she mentioned the scent of the air and the feeling of being around so many likeminded people. 

I think this book was even more important than Geekerella, because it discusses the nonsense that is trolling. It shows just how terrible and cruel people can be online, and I hope readers take Poston’s words to heart; don’t treat people like crap. I also really enjoyed Natalia Ford (the original actress who played Amara). I think she took on a serious Carrie Fisher “take no shit” vibe. I felt like she would appreciate this fictional depiction of her. 

I just loved this book. I went through it so quickly, and I almost wish I savored it more. But Poston writes a story so compelling I couldn’t stop until I knew what was going to happen. If you end up staying up all night reading this one, the ending is worth it. 

You can preorder your copy on Amazon, Quirk Books, Barnes and Noble, and get your copy April 2 anywhere books are sold!













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