Winter is Coming Shower Fizz by Bubble Princess Texas

I brought this on my Disney vacation last week to make our showers feel a little more luxurious. I’ve used a couple shower bombs or fizzes in the past, and they’re a nice way to enhance showers. This one was no different!

With a shower fizz, you want to place it somewhere that it will get a little moisture, but not have the water constantly hitting it. This way, it will effervesce, and give you its beautiful scent for more than one shower. This shower fizz lasted us about 4 days, which is 8 showers. I think that’s a perfect length of time!

It smelled absolutely incredible. It was a powerful menthol and mint scent, that smelled like what I think of when I imagine winter. It was strongly scented, but not overpowering. I think if I were to use this same scent again, I would use it when I had a cold. The menthol was strong enough to help clear my sinuses, and that would be very helpful if I was sick. 

This is an item from an Unplugged Book Box, so while you can’t get this exact item, you can check out Bubble Princess Texas’s other products. If they’re as nice as this one, they’re well worth it!













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