The Disasters by M.K. England

Yet another cover buy, and I’m not even mad about it. 

The Disasters is a phenomenal young adult space adventure that truly deserves all those descriptors and more. When 4 teens get kicked from the Academy (the only way to move to the colonies on planets other than earth), their dreams are pretty shattered. But before they can get shipped back to earth, the Academy is attacked. They whole place goes black, and it seems that Nax, Rion, Zee, and Case are lucky to be heading off. 

Until they’re getting shot at, that is. They make it far enough away to jump through space to another planet, where they can figure out what the heck is happening. 

When they land, they find out that they’re wanted criminals, because they shouldn’t have seen what they saw. They hook up with a hacker named Asra who is ready to take down the bad dudes. 

Not only was I blown away by the concept of this book, but dang the execution was incredible! The writing is just beyond amazing, and England does a wonderful job of showing, rather than telling. The most powerful example I can think of with this book, was seeing Nax, our main character, think two members of his team were good looking; Case (a female) and Rion (male). There were different times when he realized his attraction to them, and then later in the book, remembers his past relationships; his last boyfriend and girlfriend. I was grateful for the inclusion of bisexuality, and for the way it was thrown at us blatantly; it felt natural. There are many more examples of this writing throughout, but I’ll let you read it yourself. 

I absolutely loved reading The Disasters. I can’t get over just how much I enjoyed reading this. I hope you get the time to read it, and enjoy it as well!













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